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Thank you all for another great year. I know we enjoyed helping you have the greatest photo booth at your events!


We at Snappy PhotoBooths want to thank all those who decided to use our services during 2009.




Are you looking for something to add a little zing to your wedding reception? Don't want to place disposable cameras at each table, relying on the ability of your guests' photographic skills? Who wants to pay for the development of a picture of Aunt Beth's index finger anyway? Well, this is a great alternative to all of these problems. At Snappy PhotoBooths, we bring the fun and leave out the frustration. We will arrive at your reception site with our booth, have an attendant on hand, bring props, print the pictures right then and there, and have everything out without you having to worry about anything. With our services you decide before the event the layout of the photos, the colors used in your banner on the photograph, and having the photos in black and white or in color. After that you just sit back, relax, and enjoy your party. Let your guests enjoy themselves, let the professional photographer do his/her job, and let us provide the photo booth picture memories that will last a lifetime.




The 2009 Photo Booth Convention poster!



       PARTY OR EVENT    

Not having a wedding party? Here is a short list of ideas that you could use Snappy PhotoBooths for:

Sweet 16

Milestone Birthday Party

Bat mitzvah/Bar mitzvah

School Dances

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Graduation Party

Halloween/Christmas/Holiday Party





      The patent for the first automated photography machine was filed in 1889 by Mathew Stiffens and during the same year Monsieur Enjalbert demonstrated a similar machine in Exposition Universelle in Paris, France, though these machines were not reliable enough to be self-sufficient.

The modern concept of a photo booth with a curtain, screen or other material covering the background and entrance originated with Anatol Josepho in 1925 with the first photo booth appearing on Broadway in New York City¹.

Today photo booths are all over the world, even appearing in mega marts and major cities strip malls and such. While it may seem cheesy looking at those venues, after your special day or event you'll never look at them the same way again.

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